My Holiday Gift

As I mentioned in the title, I will start blogging here in pre-2015. Why am I blogging? Is it because everyone else is doing it? Maybe I want some "Internet Fame"? Truth be told, I want to become a design instructor, and am basically practice and learn through blogging. Starting in 2015, I start my courses for my MFA at the Academy of Art. This is my goal. I want to make the design field even better. I want to find evey high point and downfall of the design education system, and turn it on it's head.

My teachers in my undergraduate school were good teachers. They mentioned more than just how to use a boolean line tool and had us churn out project after project. Sure we had to put a lot into our classes in order to get something out of our classes at a state college and the adjunct teachers cared more than anything, but I hear so many people now mentioning how They will NEVER hire an art school graduate. Sure it has been rough for me. I have not had the epic 99k salary jobs where I can have my own apartment in the meat packing district with an elevator to my own loft as you see on television. I consider myself very lucky going to a state school and pay what I did eleven years ago. This is what I want to fix. Maybe I can't and the future is learning on the job and sites like I do not know where the field will go and that scares me. ( Especially when I see the bill from Graduate School ) But it is what I want to do. I have to keep my eyes open and do what is right for me and the design community.

So I come here with gifts. I have here a Merry Festivus pdf that I made, and some holiday string lights that you can use for whatever. Creative Commons is in full effect here. I give this to you, and I guess the greatest gift you can give me back is mentioning how you became a designer, and do you still have faith in the design industry. Find me on social media and let me know. The links are to the right.

Merry Festivus Scene
Lights as an Adobe Brush
Lights as a .pdf